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By: Savannah Mercier, VYP Member

Everyone needs a summer getaway. Whether you sneak off for me time, visit friends or family, discover somewhere new, or catch a staycation, recharging your batteries is essential to beating burn-out and staying at the top of your game. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, everyone deserves a break to catch their breath. Not only is it fun to take a vacation, traveling can be beneficial to your work and health.

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Derek Hutchison moved to Las Vegas straight out of college after attending California State University, Chico & graduating Cum Laude in Hotel Management. After arriving in Las Vegas, Derek proceeded to work in hospitality for the next 5 years, eventually finding ADP in October of 2011. As soon as he joined the ADP team, he joined VYP. He saw immediate value in networking with young professionals and building his book of business that can service businesses with 1-10,000 employees.

Bailey Goldstein graduated from the University of Kansas, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a Leadership Studies minor. She was Vice President of the Communication Honors Society, Lambda Pi Eta, and served in numerous positions for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Bailey moved to Las Vegas in and started working with Girls Scouts of Southern Nevada.

By Matthew Lindsey - Vegas Young Professional Marketing Chair & Entrepreneur

Your educational journey doesn’t have to end with college. In fact, your educational journey doesn’t have to start with college. While colleges and universities are still seen as the most traditional source for obtaining a secondary and post-secondary education, there are many great options for continuing your education without breaking the bank.

May was jam-packed with some amazing events, from our Fusion Mixer at Hearthstone Kitchen, to our Community Outreach project at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We also had our most successful Bigwig Lunch Time to date, featuring SVP & CMO with the Vegas Golden Knights, Nehme Abouzeid. Click through to see some highlights from our May events.

VYP had an absolutely amazing month! From our inaugural Community Conversations event to our Business Blend at HATARI, we thank our VYPeeps for making April such a spectacular month. Click here to take a look at some of our programs from April.

By Savannah Mercier, VYP Member

Businesses can have a reputation for being cold-hearted. Business owners and entrepreneurs as greedy, money-hungry moguls who will do anything for a quick buck. Cutting corners in business is easy to do, but having integrity, honesty, and a sense of ethical responsibility will help your company’s brand stand out to partners, increase employee productivity and motivation, and ensure your customers stay loyal. So how can you integrate an integrity-based platform into your business?

Never Compromise Your Character

Adam Kent, Co-Founder, Precision 702 Property Maintenance

By Maddyn Monroe, VYP Member

How are you known in your community, both personally and professionally? If you haven’t asked, you might want to take a moment of introspection and reflect on it. It is, after all, your personal brand – more than just your name and title. It’s what your field of expertise is, and if people regard you as the go-to for that expertise. So how can you polish that personal brand and build your authority?

VYP had an absolutely amazing 11 year Anniversary month! From our Outreach Project at Gene Ward to our Anniversary Mixer at MR CHOW, we thank our VYPeeps for making March such a spectacular month. Click here to take a look at some of our programs from March.