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Time is money, right? Yes and no. Unlike money that is renewable and cyclical, time is finite and THE most precious commodity that should be valued more than gold. If managed properly the net benefit will yield both, an increased bottom line and streamlined workflow.

Here are some practical Business Hacks to help fill your time bank.


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Kelly Peterson is a Wealth Advisor Associate with Morgan Stanley. He works closely with select clients to develop and implement investment strategies, prepare for major life events, and provide comprehensive financial advice. Kelly moved to Las Vegas in 2003, and he and his family have adopted the desert as their family’s home. He is currently serving on the events committee for VYP, helping to organize and plan the Bigwig Lunch Times and Biz 101 panel discussions. Kelly joined VYP to get to know new people, and to find new ways to become involved in the community he has grown to love.

Times were much simpler just a few short years ago, at least for the majority of us in the business world. It seems that gone are the days of running business purely on instinct and experience. Thanks to the tech-boom we have ushered in an era of perfectly manicured campaigns, spreadsheets, and painstaking calculations of ROI. The principle of collecting data to make informed decisions is nothing new, however, it has been recently propelled into the mainstream and become an absolute necessity to remain relevant.

January was an absolutely amazing month for VYP! Click hereClick here to look at some of the highlights from the month!

ShaLonda “Shay” Palmore is an Engineer at National Security Technologies, where she works in Energy Management reporting clean energy and sustainability. Shay graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a minor in Mathematics in 2010. She is also a math tutor at Nevada Homes for Youth; a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing substance abuse treatment programs, support and education for disadvantaged youth of Southern Nevada struggling with addiction.

I joined VYP to expand my professional network and to meet other driven young people I could interact and do business with. I feel I offer Las Vegas a unique, positive, and goal oriented personality. I enjoy being the conduit between need and resource. There is a myriad of talent within our city’s bounds and I enjoy connecting people when I am able. Professionally, I want to absorb and learn as much as I can. I believe there is much opportunity here if you are truly dedicated and forward thinking.

Ardie Hollingsworth is a financial services professional specializing in 529 college savings plans. As an Institutional Relationship Manager with Ascensus College Savings, he educates families and the business community on the college savings initiatives sponsored by the Nevada State Treasurer's Office. After a successful career in college admissions, Ardie is now focused on making higher education more affordable for families throughout the state. In making a career transition, Ardie wanted to broaden his network and increase his involvement with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber.

‘Tis the season of New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of whether we skipped or staggered past the 2016 finish line, we all have an opportunity to set new goals for 2017. For me, 2016 was very transitional – but in a good way.

A resolution is like a blueprint in that it gives you a picture of the end goal. The more detailed the resolution, the more likely you’ll achieve the end goal, whatever it may be.

Here are my resolutions that may resonate with other young professionals.

As VYP closes the door on another year, we look back at some of the amazing things we did to connect and develop young professionals to the Las Vegas community.

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