VYP Resolutions

‘Tis the season of New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of whether we skipped or staggered past the 2016 finish line, we all have an opportunity to set new goals for 2017. For me, 2016 was very transitional – but in a good way.

A resolution is like a blueprint in that it gives you a picture of the end goal. The more detailed the resolution, the more likely you’ll achieve the end goal, whatever it may be.

Here are my resolutions that may resonate with other young professionals.

1. Move to the next level of your career. "Next" can mean different things for different people -- changing your title, getting more responsibilities, gaining more authority in your industry, or starting your own business. Whatever it is, start now -- it could take longer than the next year to fully accomplish it.

2. Read more. The most successful people never stop learning. There's a reason why 70 percent of adults in professional or managerial roles continue their education -- it's one of the best ways to keep up with industry trends, learn from experts, and get the creative juices flowing.

3. Use your vacation time. Believe it or not, there's a phenomenon out there known as "vacation shaming" – the act of being made to feel guilty about going on vacation by managers, colleagues, or ourselves. No wonder 47 percent of us feel shame or guilt at work for taking time off -- it's mostly because we're afraid it will make us look less dedicated.

4. Ask for help. It seems that there's an epidemic of fear when it comes to asking for help at work. Many of us sense that asking questions about an assignment, for example, will make us look like we weren't paying attention, or aren't as smart as our peers thought. But when we don't ask questions, we're actually setting ourselves up for failure, by forcing completion of a task without all of the necessary information.

5. Get to know your colleagues. Business is the business of people. The better you get to know others and find out ways to relate to and communicate with them, chances are your productivity in the workplace will equally benefit. Take time each week to go out to lunch with one new person or grab a drink after work. The relationships you develop make your work increasingly rewarding.

6. Be grateful for what you have. Some people may have more, maybe much more, but untold numbers were dealt a hand much worse than you can imagine. Always keep that fact in your head the moment you feel a pity party coming on. Setting New Year’s resolutions for yourself will create a measuring stick by which you can judge your efforts in the coming year. Whether you utilize this list or create your own from scratch, take a few moments to create one that takes your professional career to new heights.