Present and Future

By Kelli Vaz, VYP Chair & Derek Hutchison, Incoming VYP Chair

KELLI: The end of the year is a time for us to reflect on where the year has taken us on our journeys. I get the unique opportunity to reflect, not only on 2017, but on my last seven years as a VYP member. I started out in this awesome organization as a young professional looking to make professional and personal connections. My journey led me to serve as the Community Outreach Chair for three years and as Chair of VYP the past two years. It led me to create countless connections – both personal and professional. VYP also gave me the chance to grow and expand my professional development and leadership skills. While I’m sad to see my journey with VYP come to an end, I’m also grateful for all the connections I’ve made along the way. Being a member of VYP has created so many opportunities for me and I really encourage all professionals to seek out organizations like VYP that will make a meaningful change in your professional life. I have the distinct honor of announcing VYP’s 2018 Chair, Derek Hutchison. Derek has served on the VYP Council as VYP’s Ambassador Chair for the past three years. He is a leader within this organization and is at every VYP mixer and event on-hand to make connections with new VYPeeps. Derek truly embodies what VYP stands for and I have no doubt that he will continue to support VYP and its growth.

DEREK: First, I want to thank Kelli for being such a great Chair for VYP over the last two years. She has done an incredible job moving this organization forward and I realize that I have very big shoes to fill. I am excited for the future of VYP and the direction we are going in 2018. From Toastmasters to community outreach, there is more to VYP than mixers and exchanging business cardes. As Chair, I plan on highlighting all the ways we can connect you to the community and to more resources to help you grow. As the Ambassador Chair, I was always looking for young professionals who want to get more involved and help grow the brand, and now, as VYP Chair, I get the distinct opportunity to facilitate this organization’s growth on an even greater scale. I am really looking forward to helping VYP members maximize their membership and bring more awareness to the great things we are doing in the community to help young professionals develop and grow. If you would like to connect, please email me at I hope to serve you well in my new role and look forward to connecting with all of you.