Leadership is Everything. The Question Is: How Do You Get There?

By Danica Torchin ‘18

In life, we are taught that there are those who lead and those who follow. We have an idea of what a leader is in our heads and we work hard to exemplify all the strengths of a leader. And in the professional world, it’s hard to get ahead unless you take on leadership positions. It takes training, personal insights and practice to really become an effective manager. This is why the Leadership Advance program is so valuable.

Leadership Advance is a program affiliated with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber’s Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas. The 10-month program is tailored toward young and emerging professionals who want to develop a great foundational base of leadership skills and learn about the opportunities and challenges facing our community. Session days range from Education Day - where you hear about innovative solutions the school district is creating – to Armed Services Day – where you get an inside look at Nellis Air Force Base and see the impact it makes on the community. Every session day includes an in-depth leadership training session led by a knowledgeable leadership facilitator, who teaches the class effective ways to be a true leader, communicate effectively, improve emotional intelligence, and become a better manager.

I’ve worked at the Metro Chamber for almost four years, holding the simultaneous positions of communications coordinator and Vegas Young Professionals (VYP) coordinator. When it comes to VYP, I’m always managing a full plate. Between my Advisory Council and the Committees, I am constantly working to balance priorities and time so that everyone feels valued and heard. Leadership Advance has taught me essential leadership and communications skills that I have used to manage my VYP team and create a culture that brings us all closer together.

I am a Las Vegas native and I can honestly say I’ve learned more about the Las Vegas community in these past nine months than I have in the 25 years I’ve lived here. I’ve also learned a lot about myself, what my strengths are, what I need to work on and the kind of leader I want to be. I recommend to anyone thinking about applying to the program to join me on May 24 for the Leadership Advance recruitment mixer. If you’re ready to apply, make sure you do so before the May 31 deadline, by visiting Leadership.Vegas. Leadership Advance has been a great experience for me as a young professional and I know I will take the lessons I’ve learned throughout the program with me for many years to come.