Happy Travels!

By: Savannah Mercier, VYP Member

Everyone needs a summer getaway. Whether you sneak off for me time, visit friends or family, discover somewhere new, or catch a staycation, recharging your batteries is essential to beating burn-out and staying at the top of your game. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, everyone deserves a break to catch their breath. Not only is it fun to take a vacation, traveling can be beneficial to your work and health.

Find Inspiration

In the movies, when brilliant artists and writers have trouble finding inspiration, a common theme is to leave their space and go to a new one, like taking a walk down the street, or traveling to a new place to gain new perspective. Traveling is great for boosting creativity, because you can see things in a new light. When you travel, your open to new creative experiences. If you have some sort of problem and you can only see a few options, try taking a weekend vacation to open your eyes to creative solutions.

Get Culture

In marketing, demographic is everything. Knowing your audience and target market is a major reason why companies become so successful. International corporations know that what works in the U.S. won’t necessarily work in other parts of the world. Markets, audiences, strategies and segments vary from country to country, so understanding different cultures and perspectives is key to growing your brand. Traveling to a new part of the world – or the country – is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture and gain a real perspective on a new market. Talking with local people, eating the local delicacies, and visiting historical sites is an opportunity for you to gain a new perspective on an interesting market.

Stay Healthy

You might not know it, but traveling makes you healthy. Many reports show that taking a break helps you boost your mental and physical health. Work can be stressful, so taking vacations will help you recharge emotionally. We are all put in challenging situations at work, so taking a few days away will give you time to recharge and rest your emotions. If you work a desk job, you know it can be a struggle to get up and move around. Vacationing is a great way for you to mask activity with fun. It’s estimated that the average Disneyland visitor walks around 10 miles per visit. Whether you are working on your mental or physical health, traveling to a new place will keep you happy and healthy.

Vacationing isn’t about just going to a new place. Taking a break from work is a truly beneficial experience. Wherever you go, even if you’re taking a Vegas staycation, it’s important to get away from the workplace and find time for you. Happy travels!