VYP Blog: February 2017

Kelly Peterson is a Wealth Advisor Associate with Morgan Stanley. He works closely with select clients to develop and implement investment strategies, prepare for major life events, and provide comprehensive financial advice. Kelly moved to Las Vegas in 2003, and he and his family have adopted the desert as their family’s home. He is currently serving on the events committee for VYP, helping to organize and plan the Bigwig Lunch Times and Biz 101 panel discussions. Kelly joined VYP to get to know new people, and to find new ways to become involved in the community he has grown to love.

Times were much simpler just a few short years ago, at least for the majority of us in the business world. It seems that gone are the days of running business purely on instinct and experience. Thanks to the tech-boom we have ushered in an era of perfectly manicured campaigns, spreadsheets, and painstaking calculations of ROI. The principle of collecting data to make informed decisions is nothing new, however, it has been recently propelled into the mainstream and become an absolute necessity to remain relevant.

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