VYP Blog: April 2016

By Matthew Lindsey, VYP Marketing Chair, Entrepreneur

Social media: the phrase was virtually unknown a few short years ago, but has quickly become ingrained in our everyday vernacular. It has served as an ambassador to the world, uniting all four corners, and as an explosive sales platform for businesses both large and small. Although the phrase and platform have become familiar, we are still in a learning curve when it comes to understanding the right way to communicate our message to a broad audience without offending someone or hurting your personal or professional brand.

April is home to one of my favorite weeks of the year. National Volunteer Week is April 10-16, celebrated annually since 1970, and is the perfect occasion to acquaint yourself with a new opportunity to serve your community.


Where do you begin when seeking the perfect organization that matches your skillset, passions, and availability? Upon initial research, the possibilities can be daunting, however, Vegas Young Professionals can offer some quick access options to get you plugged in so you can start making a difference in your community sooner rather than later.