VYP Blog: April 2015

Atrue mark of an entrepreneur is the ability to make calculated risks. Those risks span assessing market conditions, making key hiring decisions and everything in between. It’s easy to get bogged down in your day-to-day job function and not even realize that you have the core competencies of an entrepreneur, yet channel them as an intrapreneur. Are you prepared to take those skills to the next level?

Keeping track of your finances is important not only for today, but also for the future. Learning how to live within your means is something that can reap big benefits for you long into the future. It has never been easier to monitor your personal and business expenses with the financial software that is available. This makes the financial side of your life much more organized, from filing taxes to balancing your checkbook to creating a budget, financial software can give you a tool that will do much of the work for you.

I propose we stop with the use of the term “work/life balance” as it equates to the expectation of balancing work and personal life. Work and (personal) life are two very demanding pieces of our existence and they will never be in perfect 50/50 harmony. If we can release ourselves of this expectation, we will be in a much calmer place to start.