VYP Blog: March 2014

Time is money, right? Yes and no. Unlike money that is renewable and cyclical, time is finite and THE most precious commodity that should be valued more than gold. If managed properly the net benefit will yield both, an increased bottom line and streamlined workflow.

Here are some practical Business Hacks to help fill your time bank.

Giving back is an important part of our company culture as well as my personal spirit. I have several ways we have given back to the community below. Find the one or two that feel good to you and join in on the giving.

Start Small

Give something away. Everyone needs your good or service right? Give it away. It might be something small, it might be something large. Donate your product to a charity auction, as a raffle prize or to a local non-profit that needs it. You feel great for giving away a little piece of you, the charity appreciates the kindness!