VYP Blog: February 2014

When discussing what Service Point does with our prospects, one of the leading concerns we hear is that, as the business owner, they don’t have time to follow up on leads. HOT leads! As in “please send us a bid and you have the business” type of hot lead. Wow! How can someone not have time to follow up on that type of lead? But as business owners, we are busy and sometimes the really important matters, like growing your business, get lost in the other really important matters, like running your business. I completely understand!

Wow, you thought you had that deal closed. Come to find out that the prospect went with another supplier. Now what? You could run from the office with your smart phone between your legs, crying about another lost opportunity. Or you could try to learn something from this and improve your skills as a salesperson. Now there’s a concept, huh? But how?

  1. It’s Okay to Go Alone

    We have all had networking events when our networking “plus one” dropped out at the last minute. Our first reaction is, Maybe I shouldn’t go. I won’t know anyone and it will be awkward. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, it is awkward for everyone! A good approach is to meet someone at the event and designate them to be your “networking buddy” for the night. Figure out what they do and see if you can help them make connections in their field.